Potato Lady

A budding light of hope emerged when you came unto my life with no purpose but just a stranger wanting to talk

Little by little I opened up to you as you opened up to me like a sepal breaking free. Trusting you with my carelessness and debris

You showered me through time with warm hugs and kisses, and even at afar, you never failed to surprise me with presents

You have touched the petals in my soul and caused them to blossom with care. An entire lake of ink wont be enough to describe the love you have shown and shared

And just like a flower full of beauty and bliss,

I know our love through time would grow with passion, faith and happiness.



Why are you here again

I thought you're through giving away parts of you to someone

Made you realize that in their eyes you're faceless and irrelevant

Why would you expect something in return

You ought to believe you have a place in their lives

Only to be dumbfounded by their insensitivity and bewildering lies

Why do you seek their approval at everything

Not good enough for their validation only to lower your dignity as a person

I hope it could make you feel better someday

By this advice to stop begging for them to stay its time to let go of the negativity live your life the way you wanted and how you deserve to be

for it will free you just like it did to me



Gawin mo akong pansamantalang kumot

yayakapin ka sa gabing madilim at nag iisang inaalala ang lungkot

Hayaan mong bantayan kita sa iyong mahimbing na pagtulog bawat segundo

sisiguraduhing walang mananakit saiyong kampon ni satanas sa ilalim ng buwan habang nananaginip sa masaya mong mundo

Pahintulutan mo akong saluhin ang iyong mga luha

na siyang pumapatak sa tuwing nais mong damdamin ang pagdurusa na sinasalamin ng iyong magandang mukha

Pasasalamatan ko ang bawat minutong kasama ka

sapagkat pagdating ng umaga ako’y iyong ititiklop na at itatabi

upang salubungin ang araw kasama ang taong ibinubulong mo sa iyong pagtulog tuwing gabi



Di ko na itatanong to

Natapos ko na pakinggan ang musika mo

Mga lirikong namimilit na mapansin

Mga dahas na salita akala mo’y nangaangkin

Kasabay ng boses na sing-lamig ng umaga ko

Siyang kabaliktaran ng damdaming pinahihiwatig mo

Kahit di mo aminin ang paksa ng iyong pag susumamo

di ko na itatanong muli

kung para sa kanya ba talaga ito



It’s hard to act strong when you know you’re weak

it’s not easy to conceal pain when you’re the rock that they seek

it’s s not gonna be simple building a character only to collapse when they leave

but when you finally learned your place in peoples lives, you will no longer grieve



I’m afraid to close my eyes when darkness falls

wondering what horror my suppressed emotions would perceive in my dreams

and trigger episodes of heartaches I’ve been dealing

the amount of certainty I can count

about how this mind of mine is roundabout

repetitive danger through subconscious I am projecting

being chased by demons unmasked through my everyday living

this is where it all ends tonight

to pass out and await my mythical fright

as though in my dreams my end is near

it still cannot surpass the amount of sorrow in my reality that I truly fear



Up and down we go like a see-saw

another end lifting the other part pulling

meeting in the middle at last

barely took a second too fast

having fun while it lasted

pretty soon we’ll get tired of it

but the two of us knew

that at the exact time both ends should go

never abandon while the other is still in the air for a painful downfall, it will bear




You wandered to my life like a clueless deer
you asked for a name, I gave you stories to hear
you’re neglected by your past, I valued your presence
I should've gotten out when I had the chance before you started to make no sense

As gullible I am to find fault
you distracted me again with false hope
I don't know how much insensitivity I can bear
But I'm quite sure you'll be a small chapter of my story for someone else I will share



Little by little I see your light from afar

full of warmth of which I'm not familiar

Mischievous smile and darling gaze

only for me to imagine how it would taste

Hearts pounding as you greet me hello

Captivated by your presence in a form of a shadow

How fool am I to be fond of the thought of us and just be lost

Wishing that you are real and not just a ghost



Potato Lady

Potato Lady

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